How to Play Blackjack 

A game of Blackjack is one of popular card games around the world. Advocates say it is a fun numbers game which allows you to stay focused. 

Originally it was called Vingt-Un and Black Jack, players compete against the dealer, not to each other. It is a combination of guessing / probability and computation game using your math skills. However it has several variations in rules, amounting nearly 100. Here we will simply discuss rule in Casino table. 

Simplest explanation of the rule is, whoever has hands closer or equal to 21 points wins. 

A. Values 

1. Ace : 1 or 10 point/s

2. Faces : 10 points 

3. Number cards : Same as is 

B. Rules 

1. Up to three players can place bets each round 

2. With shuffled cards, dealer deals 1 card to each player, then another to let players have total of 2 hands

3. Dealer opens only 1 card and the other is faced down

4. All cards of the players are shown. If two hands add up to 21 points, it is Blackjack. If the score of the dealer is also 21, the game is breakeven. Others may ask for more card if needed, but may also decline to get more if you think will bust. 

5. After dealing additional hands, dealer will ask players if they want more cards. 

Usually it is not wise to get more if your points is already 17 or above. 

6. Finally dealer opens all hands and compares with hands of players. Whoever has near 21 points wins. Anyone exceeding 21 will lose. 

C. Vocabularies used 

When dealer asks players what they will do, players use specific words. 

1. Stand : When you dont want to get anymore cards 

  (Other words used : stay, stick, stand pat) 

2. Split: When first two cards dealt are a pair, you can divide them to place separate bets (Amount of bet should be same as first) 

3. Double Down: After first 2 hands you raise the bet twice the initial amount. You will get only one more card after.

4. Insurance : When dealer’s open card is ace, player can wager half of initial bet as a side bet whether or not dealer has a blackjack. If dealer gets blackjack or has ten value card, the bet pays 2:1.  

5. Hit : When you want more hands after initial 2 cards  

6. Surrender: When your first 2 hands are so weak you abandone the game. You will lose half of the bet to the dealer 

7. Bust : Means when cards exceed 21 points, you will lose your all of the bet 

There it goes. It may not been indepth explanation but once you try playing such as mobile Blackjack you will get the idea very fast. 

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