survey of the size of illegal online casinos

According to a survey of the size of illegal online casinos in Korea by the Integrated Supervisory Commission on the Slope Industry, it is worth 10.6 trillion won in 2019.

Some predict that social casinos will play a positive role in stagnant game markets and industries, as well as research shows that they can help eradicate illegal gambling.

According to the study of the economic effects of web board game market by introducing social casino games by Professor Jeon Sung-min of Gachon University and Professor Kim Tae-kyung of Kwangwoon University

Social casinos are expected to form a market of 513.5 billion won annually and create more than 10,000 jobs.

The increase in production is expected to be worth 721.4 billion won.

A year after the activation of social casino games, up to 13.9 percent of illegal online casino users are expected to be absorbed into the system.

“We have about 60 percent of the global social casino game market,” said an IT industry source.

“The major leaders are expected to focus on the growth potential of the Asian market and actively pursue it.”

“In Korea, there will be no companies that have dominated the market, so it will be an opportunity for domestic companies,” he said.

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