WoW Games’ social casino game ‘Social Casino(카지노사이트)’ was caught up in class action lawsuits related to illegal gambling in the United States.

The plaintiffs who filed a class action lawsuit filed a lawsuit against Apple after Google

This is because I heard social casinos as a representative example of illegal gambling apps.

U.S. law firms Tyco and Javaray were told in the Northern District Court in California on the 6th (local time).

“Apple is distributing and providing illegal gambling apps,” he filed a class action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs claimed that the social casino of W-Games was illegal gambling and that Apple was taking advantage of the app payment fee.

The social casino of W-Games was mentioned as a key example of the lawsuit.

In particular, the plaintiffs focused on the ‘partial fee’ that social casino app companies are promoting as business models.

Currently, most social casino apps are free to download and play, but they provide a ‘part-paying’ service that requires cash to be paid to purchase goods in the game.

The plaintiffs argued that “it works like Las Vegas style.”

In other words, the user will have to pay cash to start the game, lose the chip and coin, and play more.


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